Nabeela Laher

Registered Health Practitioner and Social Development Consultant

Vision, Mission and Values

Committed to Excellence

At Form Development Consulting, we envision a world in which every single person is supported to live to their full potential throughout their lives. We believe that achieving an inclusive society is truly possible by improving the way people and organizations work together and think about their work in a technologically advancing society.


Our mission is to create a supporting ecosystem for People With Disabilities and their families that is thriving, innovative, accountable, as well as effective in responding to the needs that arise.


 We believe that to get there we need to have:


  1. Institutions that are thriving and supported.

  2. Enhanced connections and flow of ideas between sectors 

  3. Optimal use of resources spent

  4. Application of the use of technology towards this purpose

  5. Professional services that are innovative, accessible and accountable by design.


We hold ourselves accountable to this mission, and always strive to learn, engage and be creative towards it. These are our core values.

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