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You have an idea that you care about, and it will make the world around you a better place, especially for people with disabilities. You may even have started a project or organization already, but now need greater support for your work. This learning experience will ask you vital questions will help you to bring your core vision out and clarify your ideas in a way that will strengthen its appeal to investors and the public. By the end of this challenge, you will create a funding proposal that you will be able to submit to donors or investors and use as a basis to pitch your work to others. Let’s put pen to paper and do some brain-gyming! What to expect: A structured online learning experience to help you outline your project and write a funding proposal. Time requirement- 7 hours Complete at your own pace. Save time and money by building a concrete vision at the outset. Let us teach you how. What Participants have said: 'When I first thought of starting a foundation, I had an idea of what I wanted to do but this helps me develop a clear focus of what my aim and goals are which is really useful' 'Daunting but useful. I didn't realise just how much you actually need to think about when starting an organization and having to show that you are important to the community and are actually implementing change' *SPECIAL: FREE COURSE* To pay via EFT instead of bank card: email us at: Proudly supported by Rehab For All South Africa

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