Marketing your Non Profit

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Let us show you how to create a social media strategy that will take you 1-2 hours a week, or a couple of hours per month to execute. At absolutely no cost, you will be able to create a: -Digital brand identity -Logo -Building a social media presence -Graphic design -Free website and newsletters And more When starting an NPO or a social project, the support you receive depends on your ability to communicate what you are doing and the change it creates. Creating a good digital marketing strategy attracts communities, donors and keeps those who are already involved interested in your work. It does not matter if you do not have a marketing budget to start off with. Our mini-course will show you how to create and execute a social media and communication plan for your non profit. All our suggested ideas are completely free of charge and will cost you nothing except your time, focus and creativity! What participants have said: 'It was very useful and worthy of anybody's time, thank you'

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